Gleeson’s Black Pudding

Eamonn Gleeson’s Kanturk “Boar’s Head Pudding”, Green Onion, Potato Cake, Soft Poached Eggs and Frizzy Onions.

McCarthy’s Irish Whiskey Boudin, Green Onion, Potato Cake, Soft Poached
Eggs and Frizzy Onion
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Many thanks to Gleeson’s Townhouse in Roscommon for featuring this recipe on their website and for the warm welcome they gave Jack recently.

Set right in the heart of Roscommon town, overlooking the square, Mary and Eamonn Gleeson’s townhouse and restaurant provides just what every visitor requires: a warm welcome, comfortable rooms and first-class food.

gleesons Pan Fry the boudin lightly in clarified butter until warm through
Pan Fry the potato cake on low heat until the outside is crusty.
Poach the eggs in boiling water with white vinegar.
For the frizzy onion, slice the onion paper thin, toss in a little light batter and dust with seasoned flour. Deep fry until crunchy.
For assembly place the boudin in the centre of the plate, put the potato cake on top, followed by the poached eggs and frizzy onion.
Garnish with fresh seasonal herbs, oregano, basil, etc.