Ireland’s very first ‘Practical pig in a day’ course

We are delighted to announce that we have created a series of courses to be given in our own shop. Our ‘practical pig’ course will give a once off insight into pig production for chefs, foodies and people interested in learning more about pork processing. We will educate people in all areas of pork butchering over the course of a day giving practical exhibitions in slaughtering, boning/trimming/portioning, curing, sausage making and pudding making with a lecture on breeding, feeding and free range pig farming. There will also be recipies a talk from a top chef and a chance to roll up your sleeves and get involved in every stage of production.

We won’t be able to teach you the finer skills of the trade, but we will be able teach you the age old techniques used between farm to fork free range pig processing.


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This is a short piece of footage from the first section of the Practical Pig in a Day Course.